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17 okt 2021 om 16:22 The pizzas were good except for the Margherita. That one, despite being the simplest one, was just terrible.
10 okt 2021 om 21:54 Super
9 okt 2021 om 20:20 I was really disappointed with my "Farfalle al Salmone" dish. The pasta was undercooked clearly and the dish lacked taste. To me it tasted very commercial and very overpriced in comparison with what I got. I've had better other places.
20 sep 2021 om 8:56 Pizza was koud
25 aug 2021 om 8:15 Looked like the pizza was made in a haste, some dressings just quickly dropped on it after baking like someone realized they were forgotten. Otherwise okay.
15 aug 2021 om 18:40 Pizza was niet meer heel warm en wel heel veel kaas
13 aug 2021 om 19:46 Zeer lekkere pizza.
30 jul 2021 om 9:30 Snelle en vriendelijke levering, de pizza's zelf vind ik veel te zout en nogal flets
12 jul 2021 om 14:59 I ordered a pizza and an escalope Milanese, all the food was cold and the escalope was too expensive for what it was, small and no tasty.
12 jul 2021 om 10:14 Pizza was lauw. Pizza was relatief zwaar om te verteren en flauw van smaak. Tegenvaller.
11 jul 2021 om 23:22 Very good pizza's. Especially for the price.
11 jul 2021 om 21:58 2 pizza's out of 6 were wrong. 1 diavola with ansjovis was delivered with artichoke. 1 bufala was delivered with pineapple?! Ticket showed correct pizza's, so not ordered wrong. Tried to call them but no answer.